How we control the quality?

Quality control system

Quality Inspection Assurance

With the full production line and strictly control system for the make up mirror and bathroom accessories, we control the quality of every production steps and every components. Ensure to provide you the error-free products.

Polishing product


Every polished bathroom accessory and mirror component needs to be checked for conformity to the next process.

Raw Material


Each batch of raw materials is strictly checked to see if the ingredients are qualified.

Finished product


Every finished bathroom accessory and mirror needs to be checked before pack.

Electroplated product


Every electroplated bathroom accessory and mirror component needs to be checked for conformity to the next process.

Testing Process

Anti-voltage Tester

Anti-voltage tester is commonly used for insulation performance test and parameter test of electrical products and electronic components, etc.

PH Value Meter

The PH meter is used to determine the acidity and alkalinity of the solution.

Specific Gravity Meter

The specific gravity meter is made according to Archimedes’ law and the condition that an object floats in equilibrium on the liquid surface, and is an instrument for determining the density of liquids.

Electrolytic Thickness Tester

The electrolytic thickness tester provides fast and precise measurement of coating and plating thickness, accurately measuring the thickness of the plating and ensuring the corrosion protection function and life of the product surface.

Standard Light Source Box

The standard light box is able to provide lighting boxes that simulate a variety of ambient lights and is often used to detect the color of goods.

Quadratic Tester

Quadratic Tester is used to measure two-dimensional flat dimensions and is widely used in a variety of different precision industries.

Salt Spray Tester

Salt spray testers are used to test the corrosion resistance of metal material surfaces and coverings.

Simulated Transport Vibration Test

The simulated transportation vibration tester mainly simulates the products in the car transportation, encountering different situations such as: bumps, uphill, downhill, turning and other situations, the products in the car box collision, collision between the goods and the car box, the goods and the goods extrusion and other situations, so as to further improve the quality of the goods and the quality of the goods packaging.

High Temperature Oven

High temperature oven is suitable for electronic instruments, materials, electricians, vehicles, metals, electronic products, various electronic components in the temperature environment, test its performance indicators and quality management; or used in the production process of product drying, tempering treatment, etc.


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